When You’re Running Low on Content

If you don’t feed your social media platform with content, it isn’t going to function at its true potential. If you feed it too much at once and then have a starvation period, that isn’t great either. It’s very rare that a brand is going to have a steady amount to share 365 days a year … so how do you keep your profile consistent?

Scheduling posts is a good way around this conundrum. Do you have any evergreen content (meaning material that isn’t time sensitive) you can save for a slow period? No one will know it is scheduled except for you (and anyone else who has administrative access to your social media accounts, of course). If you don’t have a third-party app that can schedule posts for you, you can do it right on the Facebook app or have everything ready to go on your phone. I do this for holidays when I am away from the office.

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Crowd sourcing for content is another approach I like to use. At the college where I work, we have two major hashtags and a handful of lesser-used hashtags that we encourage members of our community to add in their social media posts. I search the hashtags frequently to see if there is anything that can be used on our main social media channels. I also look at our mentions. Most people are thrilled to have their content shared on another account, as long as they receive credit.

You can crowd source the old-fashioned way as well, asking your colleagues if they have anything share-worthy for social.

Another way to keep your account fresh during a less-busy period is to run a contest or giveaway. These can spice up your feed when it’s looking a little lean.

Having Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays is an easy way to keep content moving towards the end of the week. Having an entire week filled with “vintage” content is fun and a viable choice when you’re a one-person team and you’re on vacation, which everyone needs to take from time to time.

Sometimes there is an urge to post everything you’ve got on social media ASAP – Instagram has that name for a reason – but spacing out your content that isn’t extremely time-sensitive elevates your social media presence as a whole.


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